Forty-five years professional experience in natural resources conservation and management with fifteen years progressively increasing responsibilities, usually as a Team Leader, for a wide range of bi-lateral and multi-lateral development and conservation organizations (e.g. FAO/GEF, UNDP/GEF, USAID, World Bank, IUCN, CARE and many others). About half of my professional experience has been in francophone African/western Indian Ocean countries including Madagascar, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, and Congo.


I am especially qualified to manage cross-cultural teams involving a multiplicity of implementing agencies and requiring a calm, patient, flexible and effective team leader. Accomplished at working in multi-disciplinary task forces with engineers, ecologists, social scientists, economists and others. Significant accomplishments in institutional development, strategy development, national planning processes, analysis, crisis management, tailor-made training and technical writing and project backstopping.

Expertise: GEF project development, national strategy and action plan development, community-based natural resource management, natural resource and biodiversity conservation and management, project design and evaluation, institution building and project supervision/support.


Native English, excellent spoken French; very good written French. Fair Moroccan Arabic.




Born 1948; life-long interest in natural resources, and the environment developed during childhood on the family farm. Educated at the University of Minnesota with a graduate degree in Forestry and a strong emphasis in ecology and remote sensing. Computer-literate. Married, with three daughters and one grandchild. Own home, lake cabin and wild land in Minnesota. Primarily interested in short-term missions up to one year in length, will consider other offers.


Have been described as an extroverted, logical professional with a big-picture, analytical perspective and who is most effective in loosely structured, fluid situations with crisis management capability.





February 2014 to Present   GEF Project Identification & Design   Consultant Kenya, RoC & DRC

Leading the development of participatory forest management project design in Kenya (focus on self-financing forest restoration) and Democratic Republic of Congo (focus on miombo forest management for urban charcoal markets) and the identification of a 650,000ha protected area project in Republic of Congo focused on the development of self-financing co-management system.


October to December, 2013        Mid-Term Evaluation NRM Specialist, Cambodia

Led the evaluation of the NRM component of the USAID-funded HARVEST project, including the community forestry and community fisheries components of the project. Found there are major legal constraints to CBNRM development in Cambodia.


August to October 2013  Develop Concept for Community Forestry Project   Lubumbashi, DRC

Analyzed threats to miombo forests and their root causes and led the participatory development of a concept for a community-based miombo forest management project that would include the sustainable production of wood fuels for urban markets.


July 2013 to September 2014   Qualitative Evaluation of CBNRM Support       Consultant/Namibia

Assisted in design of focus group discussions and designed and implemented key informant interviews for the qualitative assessment of the results of MCC support to community-based wildlife management. Synthesizing results of KII and FGD and making recommendations for the modification of follow-on evaluations.


June 2013   Negotiate Legal Partnership Agreements      Workshop Facilitator/Cameroon

Moderated a workshop for the negotiation of legal partnership agreements between an FAO project for community-based management of wildlife for the sustainable production and marketing of bushmeat and the three international organizations of IUCN, CIFOR and CIRAD.


March 2013 to present   Evaluation of USAID Biodiversity Projects     CBNRM Specialist/Malawi

Found that the project design and project monitoring performance plans were weak. The two projects were focused on livelihood enhancement without meaningful indicators and monitoring system for showing linkages to biodiversity conservation. No clear linkages could be established.


July 2012 – Jan 2013   Global Review of Community Forestry Lessons Learned  Team Leader/Home

Focused on lessons learned as they apply to the development of REDD+ national programs and projects.


February – June 2012           Project Identification      Sustainable Forest Mgt Specialist/Kenya

Developed the initial project identification for a the first community-based dryland forest management project the sustainable production of wood fuels in Kenya for FAO and prepared the project preparation grant request to GEF.


August 2011 – March 2012 Evaluation of Impact of MCC Support CBNRM Specialist/Namibia

Developed a questionnaire for the subjective evaluation of the impact of MCC-funded training and grants in support for conservancies for community-based wildlife management.


June 2011 – January 2012  Marine Conservation Partnerships Offshore Oil and Gas  Coordinator Mauritania

Responsible for the start-up and launching of a 4-yr marine biodiversity conservation project. Development of project partnerships and management systems, recruitment, work planning, prioritization, reporting & procurement.


March 2011 to May 2011   Business Plan Development Consultant  Washington & Home

Conducted a market analysis, developed a 2020 vision and a business plan for the development of a social marketing-based conservation program for Francophone Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands for Rare Inc.


February 2010 – Feb 2011   Bushmeat Project GEF Project Development 4 Congo Basin countries

Led team of 15 consultants for the development of a participatory wildlife management project for the humid forest ecosystems of Gabon, RDC, Republic of Congo and RCA. This approved project will be the first to do sustainable wildlife management for the bushmeat market.


July 2010—January 2011 Central African Program for the Environment Evaluation  Team Leader CA

Found the “landscape approach” and land use planning of to be the two greatest strengths of $140 million CARPE Program. Documented good progress on PA management and natural forest management. Found community-based natural resource management to be the weakest aspect of CARPE. Found that nearly all of CARPE’s landscape interventions have secondary positive effects on climate change mitigation. Recommended Phase III be extended to 2020 and that program be diversified to include climate change mitigation.


July 2009– December 2009 Wildlife Corridor Biodiversity Project      GEF Project Development Niger

Developed innovative design for low-cost, participatory co-management of protected areas and community management of a new wildlife corridor connecting the three Saharan PA in northern Niger.


March 2009 – June 2010    Environmental & social strategy development   Environmentalist, Gabon

Analysis of mining sector cadastre and policies. Development of a strategic vision for the mining sector and of an environmental and social strategy for achieving this vision.


Jan-March 2009     Develop SLM Guidelines for Haiti SLM Specialist, Haiti

Identified direct causes of land degradation of agricultural and non-agricultural lands, identified barriers to sustainable land management (SLM) and led the participatory development of guidelines for eliminating barriers to SLM.


Sept-October 2008 Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Assessment    Environmentalist, Morocco

Led a team of three consultants to conduct a 118/119 biodiversity assessment to guide US government programs in Morocco. Developed a methodology based on the identification of constraints to biodiversity conservation and the identification of measures needed to overcome the constraints.


August 2008 December 2009     National Biodiversity Strategy Development Team Leader, Romania

Developed the participatory methodology for strategy development, prepared synthesis of problem analysis and barrier identification and led the led the development of strategies for overcoming barriers to effective biodiversity conservation.


March ‘08 Forest & NR Management Expert  NRM Strategy Development Liberia, Ghana Ivory Coast Conducted an assessment of NRM, developed a 15-yr NRM strategy and identified pilot activities for improved NRM in five countries of the Upper Guinea Humid Forest Zone. Developed a concept for co-management of humid tropical forests.


March-Sept 07 Project Development Sustainable Land Management Capacity Building, Liberia & Sierra Leone  Finalized project documents for sustainable agriculture in Liberia and community-based management of mangrove, wooded savanna & fire in Sierra Leone


August – October 07   Development of a Project Exit Strategy Consultant/Senegal & Mauritania

Discovered the greatest weakness of this community-based range and forest management project is the lack of self-financing mechanisms for community managers. Developed a vision for the end of project conditions, assessed progress towards achieving this vision and developed  recommendations for maximizing the probability that project initiatives will be sustained beyond project completion.


Sept. ’06 – Dec 07 SLM Project Development Project Development/Sierra Leone, Liberia & Comoros

Support to national teams for half million dollar SLM MSP development. Provided training and assisted in problem analysis matrix, logframe and drafting of brief.


October to Sept 07  SLM Project Development Project Development Specialist/Siliana Region, Tunisia

Replaced first international consultant. Redid the problem analysis and developed logframe to improve agricultural sustainability and to develop the first participatory range and forest management systems in Tunisia. Drafted full project brief.


September to November ’06   Develop PDF B Application  NFM/SLM Development Specialist/Zambia

Conducted in depth analysis of legal framework for empowerment of communities for the development of pilot participatory forest management of miombo woodlands and found innovative solution using existing laws for forest concessions. Oversaw work of national consultant. Developed a detailed problem analysis matrix and a full request for PDF B funding


August ’06 Institutional Capacity Needs Assessment    Institutional Specialist/Burkina & Senegal

Conducted an initial screening of potential francophone institutions that have the mandate and some level of resources to support the development and implementation of SLM projects. CILSS in Burkina and CSE in Senegal were selected. Worked with staff at each institution to develop a vision of desired future capacities, then assessed current capacities versus this vision. Developed detailed recommendations for institutional capacity building for each.


July & August ’06 Biodiversity Project Mid-Term Evaluation   Team Leader/Eastern Arc, Tanzania

Found that one of the main BD conservation strategies, participatory forest management, was probably not viable because the legal framework does not allow empowerment of communities for commercial uses of the forest. Project was fraught with major personality conflicts but had developed strong synergies and working relationships amongst diverse array of stakeholders.


March & April ’06 Game Ranch Project Final Evaluation Team Leader/Nazinga, Burkina Faso

Discovered that the project had not developed effective strategies for confronting the main threat to the viability of the state-managed game ranch, that of poaching of buffalo. Found that participation of local populations was only partial will very limited financial benefits.


March 2006 Capacity building for SLM Project Dvlpt   Workshop Facilitator and Trainer/Nairobi

Provided training on GEF SLM project design for national experts from 11 countries in Africa and Western Indian Ocean. Stressed methodologies for land degradation problem analysis.


October ’05 – July ‘06         GEF Project Design Training & Support Tanzania, Rwanda & Seychelles

Short focused training missions for UNDP Country Offices in setting up work-plans and outlines for Sustainable Land Management GEF PDF proposals. This involves much one to one training with Programme Officers, National Consultants and Government NGO staff members. Performed initial problem analysis and draft logframe. Focused on breakdown of chagga home garden system on foothills of Kilimanjaro. Focused on erosion and soil fertility decline in Rwanda. Seychelles design includes capacities for fire management and control of invasives.

January – Sept  2005   Project Design GEF Project Development Specialist/Morocco

Led the design of a $2 million GEF OP 12 Integrated Forest Ecosystem Management Project for the Middle Atlas Mountains. Discovered that overgrazing is so severe that there is virtually no regeneration of forest species and that present management systems do not address this threat. Developed a design that will empower community managers to co-manage forest and range resources, that will require them to develop grazing systems ensure forest regeneration and that control erosion, and that will empower them, for the first time, to harvest and market forest products following an agreed management plan.


12/04 Protected Areas Project Evaluation Team Leader/Lebanon

Led the evaluation of the GEF project that developed management systems and capacities for the first three, newly created protected areas in Lebanon. Found that the project had been quite success in ensuring biodiversity conservation at the three sites. Recommended that future efforts focus on developing capacities at the PA network or system level.


11/03 & 04-3/05 Sustainable Land Management Design GEF Design Specialist/Madagascar

Developed the first approved project concept under the new GEF Land Degradation Focal Area. Assisted WWF Madagascar in designing a project focussing on the development of field models for sustainable agriculture and range management in the highly degraded Spiny Forest ecosystem in southeast Madagascar.


8/04 – 3/05 Sustainable Land Management Design GEF Project Development Specialist/Mauritius

Led the development of GEF Medium-Sized Project for building institutional capacities for sustainable land management (SLM) in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Project design was presented to the Small Islands Developing States conference in January 2005 as a model SLM design for SIDS.


10/03 & 1-7/04 Protected Areas Project Design GEF Project Development Specialist/Zambia

Lead the development of the $9 million PA Reclassification Project in Zambia. Focussed the design on improving the overall management effectiveness of the PA network through innovative partnerships with civil society and through legal and policy reforms to include the creation of new categories of PA. Project design has been recognized as a model for GEF PA projects.


7-12/03 Biodiversity Project Design GEF Project Development Specialist/Madagascar

Led the design of the UNDP component of the joint World Bank/UNDP Project Brief for support to the Third Environment Program in Madagascar. Coordinated work with World Bank and lead the development of impact indicators for the joint logframe. Developed design for community-based management of coral reefs & lagoons, mangroves and natural forest with a Knowledge Management component in support of sustainable natural resource management. Converted the $6 million UNDP/GEF component in UNDP Prodoc.


3-7/03 & 3/04     Project Restructuring    Biodiversity Advisor/Senegal and Mauritania

Led the review and restructuring of an ongoing project that had deviated strongly from its major objective and was threatened with closure. Redefined project focus from land rehabilitation to the development of community-based range and forest management models on 16 sites (reduced from 100) Developed logframe impact indicators.


5-10/03 Project Design GEF Project Development Specialist /Comoros Union

Provided guidance to national consultants on the development of a GEF project brief for a self-assessment of capacity development needs under three major environmental conventions.


1/99-6/03     Project Development/Supervision       Coordinator Biodiversity/Indian Ocean

Major accomplishment: Provided technical and administrative supervision/backstopping under a UNOPS retainer contract. Assisted the design/execution of UNDP-administered Global Environment Facility Biodiversity Projects in Madagascar and Comoros Islands. Oversaw new project development for integrated coastal zone management, invasive species control, community-based natural resource management and for marine/terrestrial biodiversity conservation. Authored an approved concept paper for a joint UNDP/World Bank biodiversity project in Seychelles.


11/02—1/03 Project Design Lead Consultant/Seychelles

Led the development of a GEF project brief for a national self-assessment of capacities needed to meet Seychelles’ obligations under the international conventions on biodiversity, climate change and desertification. Identified country specific needs for systems-level capacity assessment, for capacities for implicating civil society and for assessing the applicability of the Convention to Combat Desertification to the Seychelles.


8-11/02            Evaluation                    Team Leader/Madagascar

Led the evaluation of the UNDP and UNDP GEF support to the Second Environment Program in Madagascar. Discovered that a key weakness of the program was the false assumption that sustainable natural resource management systems already existed and were ready for transfer to communities.


9&10/02 GEF Concept Development Technical Writer & Coordinator/Madagascar and USA

Lead author for the preparation of a concept paper for $12 million of UNDP and World Bank GEF funding with $140 million of co-financing for a program of multi-donor support to the Third Environmental Program in Madagascar. Focussed on the development of sustainable management systems for biological resources.


6&7/02   MSP Brief Preparation Team Leader & Project Development Specialist/Mauritania

Developed a Medium-Sized Project design for a GEF project to provide support to the development of community-based range co-management and marine fisheries co-management with the Banc d’Arguin National Park in the northeastern corner of Mauritania.


3-4/02     Project Evaluation Biodiversity Specialist/China, Mongolia, Russia & South Korea

Major accomplishment: Found that project focus has shifted from international waters to biodiversity without ever bringing in the necessary high-level expertise in biodiversity conservation strategies. Discovered the project was narrowly focused on species and protected areas and had not recognized open access as the root cause of severe degradation of the steppe grassland ecosystem.


9/01-1/02 Environmental and Social Assessment Team Leader/Chad, Niger & Cameroon

Major accomplishment: Interpreted and applied World Bank Safeguard Policies to six pilot project sites in five Lake Chad Basin countries. Identified key concerns to be, a) risks of inequities associated with negotiated changes in natural resource access for all pilots, and, b) significant risks of dam failure for the Cameroon site. Frequently revised plans and itinerary due to multiple security concerns.


2-9/01      Stocktaking of Biodiversity Strategies Biodiversity Strategy Specialist/Madagascar

Major Accomplishment: Analyzed the evolution and the strengths and weaknesses of biodiversity conservation strategies in Madagascar from 1990 to the present. Conducted a scoping mission, finalized list of studies, developed detailed TOR, recruited a team of six national consultants and supported/reviewed consultant reports.

6&7/02 Forest Cover Loss Monitoring         Ground Truthing Specialist/Madagascar

Major accomplishment: Analyzed needs for ground truthing and recommended approaches/methodologies.


4/02 Revalidation of Country Strategic Plan Natural Resources Specialists/Guinea

Major accomplishment: Found the USAID mission natural resources strategic objective to be less than strategic. Identified weaknesses in the natural resource results framework and recommended improvements.


1&2/01   Plantation Management/Forest Conservation Forester & Strategy Specialist/Madagascar

Major Accomplishment: Developed detailed sylvicultural/marketing/management structure recommendations for and exciting community-based eucalyptus plantation management project in southeast Madagascar. Led an exploratory foot trip into remote, roadless areas to develop strategies for conservation of the Tsitongombarika Forest Reserve. Developed recommendations for improved governance in the forest sector.


97 to 01    Biodiversity Strategy Development       Planning Specialist/9 countries

Major Accomplishment: Drafted a guidebook for the development of national biodiversity strategies and action plans based on my work assisting national planning teams.  Guidebook was distributed at the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in May 98.  Assisted national strategy development on 11 missions to Rwanda, Madagascar, Senegal, Chad, Cape Verde, Guinea, Zambia, Ethiopia and Swaziland.


10/00-1/01 Assessment of 10 Natural Forest Management Pilots Team Leader and Forester

Major Accomplishment: Discovered that no forest harvest yet done in Madagascar based on an approved management plan after 10+ years of donor support. Found the WWF CAF/APN project to have the best approach. Recommended abandoning/simplifying the planning processes and proposed a two-phased transfer of non-commercial/commercial forest management rights to communities.


5 to 6/00  Mid-Term Evaluation Team Leader/ Ghana, Tunisia, SA & Uganda

Major accomplishment:  Discovered that key elements of the Important Bird Area process, on which the project is based, have no developed methodologies or guidelines.  Found the project to be based on a unique, pan-African partnership of African conservation NGOs.


4/00 GEF Project Development Workshop     Trainer & Facilitator/Zambia

Major accomplishment:  Facilitated the development by project participants of concept papers for projects potentially eligible for circa. $20,000,000 in GEF funding in the focal areas of biodiversity conservation, international waters and climate change.


6, 9, 10 & 12/99   West African NRM Review         NRM Specialist/Burkina and Niger

Major Accomplishment:  Developed  first timeline of natural resource management in WA, drafted issues paper and TOR, interviewed candidates for preparation of technical papers and participated in the December NRM review workshop for the Sahel.


10 & 11/99 CBNRM Development CBNRM Specialist/Madagascar

Major Accomplishment:  Assessed the feasibility of applying the GELOSE law for community-based natural resource management, identified alternative legal instruments, developed and applied criteria for selecting sites and sectors for CBNRM development within LDI’s three geographic areas.


7/99   CB Range Management Design    Co-Team Leader/Botswana, Mali & Kenya

Major Accomplishment:  Developed innovative strategy for putting communities in lead for directing project support.  Negotiated respective roles for UNEP and UNDP in project administration.


8-12/98   Landscape Ecology & Development       Environmental Planner/Madagascar

Major Accomplishment:  Developed innovative methodology for defining biodiversity conservation priorities at the ecosystem and landscape unit levels.  Drafted strategic development approaches for addressing key challenges to biodiversity conservation.


3, 4 & 6/98  Community-Based Resource Management Team Leader/Namibia

Principal Accomplishment:  Developed a long-term vision for the development of community-based natural resources management (CBNRM) in Namibia.  Evaluated the USAID-funded LIFE Project, conducted a CBNRM sector assessment and designed follow-on USAID support.


1&2/98   Biodiversity/Land Degradation Redesign   Co-Team Leader/Senegal & Mauritania


11-12/97  Sand Dune Stabilization Project Evaluation Team Leader/Mauritania

Major Accomplishment:  Found that this 14-year project never duplicated its early, significant success in developing highly innovative sand dune stabilization techniques as it diversified into activities without mastering the management of the stabilized dunes.


1998 Guidelines for National Biodiversity Strategy Teams    Biodiversity Conservation Specialist

Drafted guidelines for national teams preparing national biodiversity conservation strategies and action plans. Focused on protection and sustainable use as two main strategies for conserving biodiversity.


97&98 National Biodiversity Strategy Development              Planning Specialist/eight African countries

Major Accomplishment: Organized national biodiversity strategy planning, using participatory, multi-sectoral approach stressing multi-stakeholder involvement.


7-8/97   Park Management Project Evaluation Team Leader/Bulgaria

Major Accomplishment:  Discovered that the institution this USAID project was to support, had not yet been created as of the mid-term.  Proposed a deadline for the government to meet its obligations and identified interim project activities.


9-12/96   Rainforest Logging Assessment Team Leader/Congo

Major Accomplishment: Discovered that there was almost no regeneration of the two species making up 86% of the harvest and that there was no management plan: opening of roads had led to uncontrolled bushmeat hunting of gorillas and other endangered species.


11/95-12/96  Protected Area Conservation         Technical Advisor/Congo and Management    

Major Accomplishment: Maintained technical functions, contract preparation and networking during crisis period under funding agency threat of project closure.


6-9/96       Biodiversity Project Evaluation   Team Leader/Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

Major Accomplishment:  Organized and led evaluation of a complex, 37-component project developing institutional capacity and databases across three countries.


6-7/95   Proposal  Development                                    Recruiter/USA    

Major Accomplishment: Used databases and Internet to identify candidates for Albanian project.


4-5/95  Project Evaluation      Environmental Specialist & Chief of Party/ Guinea

Major Accomplishment: Concluded that mix of project interventions and strategies was inadequate to achieve stated objectives; project design was basically flawed.


2-3/95  Natural Resources Assessment    Sustainable Agriculture Specialist/Kenya

Established that phosphate depletion is a major constraint to agricultural sustainability in the Highlands and is contributing to movement onto fragile lands.


12/94   National Environmental Action Plan         Planning Advisor/Malawi

Assisted in developing planning methodologies and organization of teams of national consultants for World Bank-funded environmental action plan.


10/91-10/94   Protected Areas Institution Building    Chief of Party/Madagascar

Major Accomplishment:  Served as principal strategist for institutional development of the National Association for the Management of Protected Areas.  Developed a long-term vision that led to the restructuring of ANGAP and the protected area program.


9-10/91   Biodiversity Program Evaluation                  Team Leader/USA

Conducted mid-term evaluation of biodiversity conservation support activities for LA, Africa and Asia.


7-8/91 Project Development      Agroforestry & Soil Conservation Specialist/Rwanda

Reviewed sector activities and made recommendations for an agroforestry/soil conservation extension program for enhancing agricultural sustainability.


5-6/91   Conservation and Development Project Evaluation Team Leader/Madagascar

USAID funding was discontinued as a direct result of our findings.


2-4/91  Natural Forest and Plantation Management   Forest Management Specialist Madagascar Developed one of the first community-based natural forest and plantation management strategies in Madagascar. Strategically conceived management proposals so as to diminish pressures on protected areas.


9-11/90 Agency NRM Support Program              Natural Resources Design Specialist/USA

Identified options for redesign of USAID Africa Bureau natural resources support project


8/90  Natural Forest Management Handbook Technical Writer/USA

Drafted the chapter on natural forest assessments for a semi-arid natural forest management handbook.


4-6/90 Agroforestry Extension Training          Principal Trainer/Madagascar & Trainer/Rwanda

Conducted two-week technical and communications-focused workshops for NGO, government services and donor personnel.


1-3 & 7/90  River Basin Master Planning   Natural Resources Planner/Senegal & Mali

Prepared community-based natural resources management options on the Upper Senegal River Valley.


10-12/89       Agricultural Sector Assessment  Natural Resources Specialist/Madagascar

Assessed and prioritized natural resources problems and identified programming options.


4-9/89  Urban Fuelwood Supply Strategies      Forest Mapping & Management Specialist/ Burkina Faso

Mapped the wood supply zones of four cities from satellite imagery and developed community-based natural forest/bush management strategies for urban fuelwood supplies


1-3&5-6/89 National Environmental Action Plan Environmental Planning Specialist/Rwanda

Assisted five teams of national specialists to identify and analyze environmental issues and to prepare a national environmental strategy and action plan.


3-4/89  Watershed Management   Team Leader & Watershed Management Specialist/Morocco

Conducted assessment of watershed management needs in the Rif and Middle Atlas Mountains and identified watershed management programming options for future project design.



  • National Agricultural Research Project Design   Natural Resources Specialist/Niger



1988  Refugee Reforestation Project Evaluation Forester/Sudan

Discovered project was attempting to plant trees outside of their natural range and that previously unexamined survival data revealed unexplained tree mortality on vertisols.


1987 & 88 Sahelian Natural Resources Management  NRM Specialist/Mali, Niger, Senegal, The Gambia   Identified successful NRM techniques and analyzed conditions leading to their success.  Published as the “Opportunities for Development” study.


1987  Semi-arid Lands Management Proposal Preparation   Technical Writer/USA


1987  Agroforestry Study Tour  Translator & Technical Oversight/Five US States


1987  Biodiversity Conservation    Development for Conservation Specialist/Madagascar

Performed the first assessment in Madagascar of the potential for integrated conservation and development.


1987  Project Concept Development Technical Writer/USA  

Developed concept for innovative, community-based production of fuelwood for urban markets.


1987  Country Program (AFSI) Design Agroforester/Guinea

Developed agroforestry program component for Peace Corps in the Fouta Djalon Highlands.


1987  USAID Africa Bureau                                Senior Forestry Advisor/Washington D.C.

Completed the Plan for Supporting Natural Resources Management for Sub-Saharan Africa


1986 & 87  US Congress Book on NRM    Agroforestry Technical Writer/USA  


1986  Village Agroforestry Project Evaluation       Team Leader/Mali


1986       Peace Corps Training      Forestry Trainer/Texas


1986   Peace Corps AFSI Program Country Assessment  Team Leader Guinea


1986  Agroforestry Extension Training Workshop  Agroforestry Trainer/The Gambia


1986  Woodfuels Supply Chain Market Analysis     Woodfuels Marketing Specialist/Mali


1985   Agroforestry Project Proposal Draft     Agroforester & Technical Writer/Guinea


1985  Community Forestry Project Evaluation   Agroforester/Fouta Djalon in Guinea


1985   Agro-Ecological Zonation                    Ecologist & Team Leader/Niamey Dept. in Niger


1984  Savanna Forest and Plantation Management Planning    Forest Manager/Burkina


1984   University Undergraduate Forestry Training  Forestry Instructor/Burkina Faso


1983   Forestry Project Redesign    Forester/Burkina Faso


1982   Forestry Technician Training       Remote Sensing Instructor/Burkina Faso


1979-82  Regional Remote Sensing Center    Natural Resources Applications/Burkina  


1975-79  Remote Sensing         Wetlands Mapping & Applications Specialist/Minnesota


    1. Remote Sensing Applications of Black Bear Habitat  Research Assistant/Minnesota


1970-73  Forest Research Station  Peace Corps Volunteer & Arboretum Manager/Morocco  


Other Experience:  Christmas tree grower, tree farmer, forest genetics research aide, soils lab technician, corn breeder’s aide, containerized seedling research aide, smoke chaser, pulpwood/timber cutter, dairy farm worker




Morocco, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Rwanda, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Niger, Chad, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Comoros Islands, Mauritius, Tunisia, Lebanon, Seychelles, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, China, Russian Federation, Mongolia and South Korea, Haiti.




LEADERSHIP SKILLS:  Served as team leader on over thirty teams of international and host country specialists and as Chief-of-Party on a six-million dollar institution-building project in Madagascar. Able to build cohesive teams composed of specialists of widely divergent technical and cultural backgrounds. Typically most effective in fluid, loosely structured situations which require high degree of flexibility, personal initiative, and patience. Led the strategic analysis of Madagascar’s $60 million dollar Protected Area Program resulting in institutional restructuring and revised strategies. Recently led the final evaluation of a 37-component regional project in three countries


PLANNING:  Planning experience ranges from working against short-term time constraints of two-week missions to long-term strategic visioning processes over a fifteen-year horizon. Developed pragmatic guidelines for country planning teams developing national biodiversity strategies based on work with national teams in seven African countries. Have worked intensively on GEF project development over the past nine years.

NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT/ENVIRONMENT:  Recent focus has been on community-based, participatory approaches and on linkages between agricultural sustainability, demographic growth, natural resources and the environment. Have been involved since 1970 (and Earth Day) in life-long dedication to environmental issues. Nine years experience in Remote Sensing has provided invaluable insights.


ANALYTICAL SKILLS:  Oriented towards “big picture” questions and issues rather than details.  Capable of reviewing complex situations, of identifying and prioritizing the issues to be addressed, of conducting a logical analysis of the issues and of presenting the results in a balanced, non-confrontational manner.




MS in Forest Resources, University of Minnesota: 1981 (emphasis on remote sensing, ecology and statistics)


BS in Forest Science, University of Minnesota: 1972 (emphasis on natural resource management)


Supported myself and paid for college expenses as a dairy farmer, smoke-chaser, timber cutter, corn breeder’s aide and other jobs.




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